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Observing run at the JCMT

- 17th - 25th August 2019 @ Mauna Kea, USA

Despite anti-TMT protests closing facilities for some time, I was fortunate to observe for the HASHTAG team using SCUBA-2 on the James Clark Maxwell Telescope.


China-Chile: visit to USTC

- 15th - 23rd April 2019 @ Hefei, China

A pleasant week spent working in the department and meeting colleagues at USTC, aiming to develop future post-fellowship collaborations.


Collaborative visit to KASI

- 16th - 24th February 2019 @ Daejeon, South Korea

I visited my friend and colleague Prof. Rory Smith at the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute to discuss a new project based on some of the VALES MUSE observations.

The Seasons

Teaching about the Universe

- 8th February 2019 @ Burton-on-Trent, United Kingdom

I taught a Year 7 class all about the Earth's seasons, its place in the Solar System, and the scale of the Universe. I've uploaded the lesson resources for science teachers in a zip file here.

APEX TAC President

Election to President of APEX TAC

- 20th December 2018 @ Santiago, Chile

During the recent meeting, I was thrilled to be elected President of the Chilean APEX Time Allocation Committee and am looking forward to assuming this responsibility for the next two years.

APEX telescope

Observing run at APEX

- 21st-31st August 2018 @ San Pedro, Chile

Observed again for the Chilean community and my own project: simultaneously observing two CO transitions using FLASH on APEX to trace physical conditions in the ISM of low-z galaxies.

Cerro Calan

China-Chile: pogress talk at CASSACA

- 13th July 2018 @ Cerro Calan, Chile

I gave a talk on physical conditions in star-forming galaxies - my analysis of far-infrared spectroscopy of NGC 2403, VALES-MUSE data reduction, and the study of the Cosmic Seagull.

APEX telescope

Observing run at APEX

- 14th-21st April 2018 @ San Pedro, Chile

Observed for the Chilean community and my own project: simultaneously observing two CO transitions using FLASH on APEX to trace physical conditions in the interstellar medium of low redshift galaxies.


Science with the Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment

- 11th-14th March 2018 @ Tegernsee, Germany

I gave a talk presenting the hottest new results from VALES: an apparent smooth transition in the star formation efficiency from normal to starburst galaxies. VALES IV is now on Arxiv.


Observing run at the JCMT

- 21st October - 6th November 2017 @ Mauna Kea, USA

I contributed to observing for the HASHTAG large program at the James Clark Maxwell Telescope and afterwards gave a seminar on my work at the East Asian Observatory.

Cardiff thesis

Celebrating a decade in research

- 3rd October 2017 @ Cardiff, United Kingdom

I accidentally gave a talk to Cardiff's extragalactic group on the tenth anniversary (más o menos) of the start of my PhD research, and it was a very special occasion for me to catch up with friends and colleagues. What a wild ride this past decade has been!

ALMA antennae transporter

Observing run at APEX

- 20th-25th September 2017 @ San Pedro, Chile

More observing for the Chilean community and another visit to the ALMA high site, during which I finally saw an antennae being transported down to the OSF!


Visit to FAST

- 10th September 2017 @ Guizhou, China

I was amazed by this absolute monster of an observatory: read more about my trip to the Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope here.

USTC Astronomy Department

China-Chile kick-off: visit to USTC

- 3rd-9th September 2017 @ Hefei, China

After accepting the China-Chile Fellowship, I started my joint position as a Fellow at USTC and met with colleagues in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.


ALMA Cycle 5 Results

- 27th July 2017 @ Valparaíso, Chile

Our extragalactic group was awarded time for six out of eight proposals requesting ALMA time, with one of my projects receiving an A grade. A great result!

NAM 2017

UK National Astronomy Meeting

- 2nd-6th July 2017 @ Hull, United Kingdom

I flew halfway around the world to visit Hull to attend the RAS national astronomy meeting, during which I presented a poster sumarising the VALES results.

MUSE target

VLT/MUSE proposal accepted

- 4th July 2017 @ Valparaíso, Chile

I was awarded 25 hours of time during P100 to follow-up ALMA detected galaxies with MUSE..

apex observing

Observing run at APEX

- 12th-19th May 2017 @ San Pedro, Chile

My second time at APEX to observe projects for the Chilean community.

vales dust-to-gas ratio

VALES III paper on Arxiv

- 26th February 2017 @ Valparaíso, Chile

Our third paper on the Valparaiso ALMA Line Emission Survey has been accepted for publication in MNRAS and is now available on arxiv.


ALMA data delivery

- 15th February 2017 @ Valparaíso, Chile

I've received the first batch of Band 6 data from ALMA, which I will use to trace dust and gas in VALES galaxies.


SOCHIAS Annual Meeting 2017

- 23rd-26th January 2017 @ Maitencillo, Chile

At the annual meeting of the Chilean astronomy community, I gave a talk on my results from VALES on the PDR modelling of star-forming galaxies.


Visit to ALMA

- 19th December 2016 @ Valparaíso, Chile

I finally got the chance to see the spectacular ALMA Array Operations Site on Chajnantor - see some photos here.

apex observing

Observing run at APEX

- 13th-20th December 2016 @ San Pedro, Chile

I volunteered to observe the awarded projects for the Chilean community, including our own, and had an awesome experience learning to use APEX.

vales pdr modelling

PDR modelling paper on Arxiv

- 17th November 2016 @ Valparaíso, Chile

Our second paper on the Valparaiso ALMA Line Emission Survey has been accepted for publication in A&A and is now available on arxiv.

XGAL 2016

Molecular Gas in Galactic Environments

- 3rd-7th April 2016 @ Charlottesville, USA

At this workshop, I presented new results from ALMA CO observations of intermediate redshift galaxies.


SOCHIAS Annual Meeting 2016

- 1st-4th March 2016 @ Antofagasta, Chile

I introduced myself to the Chilean astronomy community with a talk on the [NII] emission from nearby galaxies.


Visit to ALMA

- 27th February 2016 @ San Pedro, Chile

I visited the Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimitre Array, a state-of-the-art interfermeter comprising 66 12- and 7-metre diameter radio telescopes.


New results published on [NII] 205 emission

- 9th February 2015 @ Valparaíso, Chile

My latest paper exploring the correlations between the [NII] 205 micron line and 24 micron continuum emission with the Very Nearby Galaxies Survey is now available online.


From Belgium to Chile

- 9th September 2015 @ Valparaíso, Chile

I became an ALMA-CONICYT research associate at the Universidad de Valparaiso and will be developing projects focussed on ALMA observations.


Role of Hydrogen in the Evolution of Galaxies

- 14th-19th September 2014 @ Kuching, Malaysia

Gave a talk on my work on relations between the stellar mass, metallicity and gas content, at the first astrophysics conference to be held in Borneo.


Galaxies in 3D

- 7th-11th May 2014 @ Vienna, Austria

Very interesting conference on studying galaxy evolution via 3D spectroscopy and radio interferometry, where I presented a couple of posters on my recent work.

windmill near leiden

Passage of Light Workshop

- 6th-9th May 2014 @ Leiden, Netherlands

Participated in a workshop held in the Lorentz Center on the Passage of Light through Spiral Galaxies, presenting new results on the gas properties in NGC 891.

marseille port

HeViCS/HeFoCS meeting

- 9th-10th April 2014 @ Marseille, France

I attended the final meeting of the HeViCS/HeFoCS collaboration at the Laboratiore d'Astrophysique de Marseille.

purple mountain observatory

Visit to Purple Mountain Observatory

- 20th March 2014

Paid a visit to Purple Mountain whilst on holiday in Nanjing. See some photos of the observatory here.

NGC 891's dust

Paper accepted!

- 21st February 2014 @ Ghent, Belgium

Check out my paper on the gas and dust in NGC 891, accepted for publication in A&A.

conference participants

The Universe Explored by Herschel

- 15th-18th October 2013 @ ESTEC, Netherlands

At this enjoyable and interesting conference, I presented a poster of my recent work on the cold dust properties in NGC 891 revealed with Herschel observations.

serbian conference on spectral line shapes


- 13th-17th May 2013 @ Banja Koviljača, Serbia

I attended the 9th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics, and gave a talk on the results from spectroscopy of galaxies in the Herschel Reference Survey.

arecibo observatory

Visit to Arecibo Observatory

- 20-26th March 2013 @ Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Visited friends and colleagues, and gave a talk about the role of cold gas in shaping the mass - metallicity relation. See some photos of the observatory here.

palomar observatory

Spectroscopy at Palomar

- 16th-18th March 2013 @ Palomar Mountain, USA

Under the Chinese Telescope Access Programme, I spent a night observing some gas-rich spirals on the 200 inch telescope with the Double Spectrograph.

tiananmen square

From China to Belgium!

- 1st February 2013 @ Ghent, Belgium

After completing my first postdoc at Peking University, I moved to Belgium to start a new position at Ghent University.

apache point observatory

AS3/MaNGA Meeting at APO

- 17th-19th September 2012 @ Apache Point, USA

Started working with the After-Sloan III / MaNGA survey collaboration and participated in a meeting at Apache Point Observatory, NM, home of the Sloan 2.5m telescope. See some photos of the observatory here.

xinglong observatory

Visit to Xinglong Observatory

- 25th August 2012 @ Xinglong, China

During the IAU GA, I visited the home of LAMOST. Check out some photos of the observatory here.

iau general assembly

IAU General Assembly

- 20th-31st August 2012 @ Beijing, China

The IAU GA attracted ~3000 astronomers and offered a jammed schedule of interesting talks and events. See my poster contribution, presenting the HRS spectroscopy & metallicity work.

new paper accepted

KIAA 5-year Review

- 16th August 2012 @ Beijing, China

I've uploaded a poster showcasing my achievements and endeavors at KIAA, displayed as part of the KIAA 5-year review. On a personal note, it was fascinating to witness the evaluation process of a new institute.

new paper accepted

Paper accepted

- 16th July 2012 @ Beijing, China

The role of cold gas and environment on the stellar mass - metallicity relation of nearby galaxies has been accepted in A&A! Check out the arxiv preprint here.

seminar in shanghai

Visit to Shanghai Observatory

- 17th May 2012 @ Shanghai, China

I spent two weeks visiting the Galaxies Group at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory and spoke about my work on the stellar mass - metallicity relation.

academic career paths

School visit

- 11th June 2012 @ Tamworth, United Kingdom

Visited Wilnecote High School to give a talk to pupils on careers in science and my experiences in research.


Observing run

- 8th February 2012 @ Lijiang, China

Observed Fornax and Virgo cluster spirals using the YFOSC spectrograph on the Lijiang 2.4m telescope to get optical spectroscopy. Read more...

munich rathaus

Fornax, Virgo, Coma et al workshop

- 27th June 2011 @ Garching, Germany

I presented a poster at the excellent ESO-Garching workshop, Fornax, Virgo, Coma et al. See my poster...

west lake

Workshop in Hangzhou

- 24th April 2011 @ Hangzhou, China

I attended the 9th Sino-German Workshop on galaxy formation and evolution.

my three years of hard work

Passed my viva!

- 13th December 2010 @ Cardiff, United Kingdom

The successfull defence of my thesis, entitled "A phenomenological study of star formation and chemical evolution in nearby galaxies", marks the end of my Ph.D. research at Cardiff University.

example slide from Chinese talk

天文学 (Tiānwénxué)

- 2010年6月25日 @ Cardiff United Kingdom

I gave a talk in Chinese, as part of a course run by Cardiff University, and I took the opportunity to introduce my classmates to 天文学 (Tiānwénxué). :-)

rallying future astronomers!

School visit

- 20th February 2010 @ Bath, United Kingdom

Astronomers from Cardiff University spent a week at Monkton Combe School teaching pupils a wide range of topics in astronomy. I spoke about
"Life As An Astronomer!".

kids at camp

Science at Camp Watonka

- 25th July 2009 @ Hawley, USA

I spent four weeks teaching and instructing in sciences and activities on a boys camp in Pennsylvania, USA. More...

paper time!

First paper accepted!

- 30th March 2009 @ Cardiff, United Kingdom

The first paper on my research was published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, entitled "The migration of nearby spirals from the blue to the red sequence". More...

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